Attending sessions at Kimberly Keiser & Associates can provide patients a wide range of benefits, including: improved communication skills, increased care and love for yourself and for those around you, inner peace, clarity and resolution around important issues in your life, decrease in negative symptoms, increased and stabilized mood, increased self-esteem and self-awareness, and development of your potential, among others.

While we offer comprehensive mental healthcare and therapy to all of our clients, we specialize in the following services:

Sex Therapy | Group Therapy | Trauma Therapy | Couples Therapy |  Sexuality After Cancer | Reproductive Health & Infertility | Psychotherapy Intensives | Transgender Healthcare


"Sexual Health is the integration of the somatic, emotional, intellectual, and social aspects of sexual well-being, in ways that are positively enriching and that enhance personality, communication, and love." –World Health Organization

Human sexuality is a complex and multi-faceted aspect of every person’s life, incorporating biology, culture, psychology, and spirituality. For many people, sexuality is healthy, natural, and well-integrated into their lives. For others, aspects of sexuality can be a source of tension or pain in their lives and the lives of their partners.

Given that our sexuality is so fundamental and basic to our existence, the impact of a sexual dysfunction, abuse, addiction, disturbing urges, fantasies or behaviors, or relational sexual concerns have the potential to negatively influence an individual’s or couples’ wellbeing and mental health. This makes the work of therapy and the outcome for our clients incredibly important and rewarding.


Group psychotherapy has the potential to be as, if not more, effective for many clients and situations. Therapy practiced in groups offers a unique opportunity for both personal and relational development and growth, differing from individual therapy in distinctive ways. The unique benefits our clients gain from group therapy include:

  • Examination of interpersonal and relational problems and/or issues

  • Development of self-awareness, interpersonal affects, and the identification of harmful / recurring behavioral patterns

  • Increased self-expression and the ability to work through feelings and emotions with others

  • Ability to rely and lean on those around you to attain individual and shared goals

  • Opportunity to relate to others who share your particular concern

  • Availability of lower-cost services


Attending therapy sessions can offer couples the support and assistance that are required for a long-lasting and fruitful relationship. Communication skills, conflict resolution, reconciliation, and intimacy are all important aspects of a healthy relationship that can be improved by actively participating in therapy sessions. 

Led by our trained and experienced staff, our therapeutic approach is customized for every situation and is uniquely refined for every couple we serve. 

Please note this section will continue to be updated with information about this exciting opportunity to accelerate your growth. If you have further questions, please contact Kimberly Keiser.


When left untreated and unresolved, traumatic experiences have the potential to derail the lives of every person it affects for years, resulting in severe symptoms and damaging effects. However, when treated with effective, proven practices by experienced therapeutic professionals, there is significant clinical research showing consistent success in overcoming the impacts of trauma.  

We work closely with individuals, couples, and groups who have experienced trauma in any form and at any time to reverse its harmful symptoms and effects.


Being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment can have a significant impact on your life, as various stages of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery have the potential to affect even the most basic aspects of our existence. Having a fulfilling sex life during and following the treatment of and recovery from cancer may seem difficult to many individuals.

However, our team of certified and experienced sex therapists utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to treat complex sexual issues by restoring balance and harmony to the intersections of physical, psychological, emotional, and relational dynamics intertwined with your sexuality.


Given recent advancements in the field of reproductive medicine, individuals and couples facing infertility have more options and solutions today than at any other time in history for medical treatment of infertility challenges. The process and technologies used in infertility treatment can create complex psychosocial issues that often need to be addressed in a professional counseling setting.

At Kimberly Keiser & Associates, our infertility and reproductive therapists provide resources, tools, and psychological support not only for informed decision-making, but also for those who have experienced symptoms of depression and anxiety, problems in their relationship, or sexuality concerns caused by infertility and reproductive issues.


Psychotherapy intensives at Kimberly Keiser & Associates occur over two or more hours. The time allotment and treatment interventions used during an intensive are developed specifically for you, and it is likely that you and your therapist have collaborated on defining the symptomatic area to be worked on during this extended session time.

Traditional counseling and psychotherapy time blocks are largely mandated by insurance companies and allow for blocks of 30-55 minutes for reimbursement. This time allotment does provide opportunities for advancement and success in psychotherapy, however, there are situations when a more time is needed to achieve optimal results. For example, couples counseling with complex relationship dynamics, trauma work that includes EMDR, or clients who travel long distances to the clinic and wish to do more while they are here. 

Please note this section will continue to be updated with information about this exciting opportunity to accelerate your growth. If you have further questions, please contact Kimberly Keiser.


Our therapists work closely with the LGBTQIA community in the Sioux Falls area. We seek to aid understanding and provide support for those seeking transgender therapy. 

Kimberly Keiser & Associates follows the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) standards of care. Our clinicians have provided a full range of services for transgender and gender-variant individuals for more than a decade. 

Our transgender healthcare services include:

  • Evaluations and letters of recommendation for hormone therapy and gender confirmation surgeries

  • Counseling and psychotherapy related to, or in support of, transgender individuals

  • Advocacy and support

  • Education and networking with relevant resources in our community

  • Transgender support groups

Learn more about transgender healthcare options in Sioux Falls here. (Please note that this information serves as a resource for you and our community. If you should need further support, we encourage you to contact our office directly.)