Psychotherapy intensives at Kimberly Keiser & Associates occur over two or more hours. The time allotment and treatment interventions used during an intensive are developed specifically for you, and it is likely that you and your therapist have collaborated on defining the symptomatic area to be worked on during this extended session time.

Traditional counseling and psychotherapy time blocks are largely mandated by insurance companies and allow for blocks of 30-55 minutes for reimbursement. This time allotment does provide opportunities for advancement and success in psychotherapy, however, there are situations when a more time is needed to achieve optimal results. For example, couples counseling with complex relationship dynamics, trauma work that includes EMDR, or clients who travel long distances to the clinic and wish to do more while they are here. 

Please note this section will continue to be updated with information about this exciting opportunity to accelerate your growth. If you have further questions, please contact Kimberly Keiser.