Kimberly Keiser & Associates

Counseling Sioux Falls, SD

Kimberly Keiser & Associates is made up of experienced and credentialed therapists, counselors, and mental health professionals. We offer comprehensive sex therapy and specialized mental health services. We are committed to providing healing and restoration to individuals, couples, and groups experiencing personal, relational, sexual, and psychological issues. 

Our team of six Sioux Falls counseling staff offer multiple specializations including being South Dakota's only certified sex therapist. We've carefully chosen our team so we can help our clients varying needs.



Through one-on-one therapy and support, we are committed to helping individuals through a direct therapeutic approach that is tailored for every client. 



Couples therapy allows individuals to work through relationship dynamics, conflict, and stressors while improving communication and shared intimacy.



Led by a highly-qualified staff member, group therapy provides opportunities to share and discuss issues with peers affected by shared issues and conflict. 


Adults, Couples, Families, Groups

Sessions are available for adolescent and adult individuals, couples, families, and groups and can focus on a variety of areas depending on each client's unique needs. Common mental health topics addressed by Kimberly Keiser & Associates include:

Depression | Anxiety Disorders | Mood Regulation | Self-Esteem | Grieving | Anger Management | Life Transition | Trauma & PTSD | Bipolar Disorder | Abuse | Dual Diagnosis | Relationship Dynamics | Substance Abuse | Sexuality Concerns | Crisis Management | Addictions | Infidelity | Borderline Personality | Chronic Pain | Codependency | Sexual Abuse | Coping Skills | Obsessive-Compulsive | Prenatal, Pregnancy & Postpartum | Suicidal Ideation | Divorce | Dissociative Disorders | Personality Disorders | LGBT Concerns