Meet Nick Breuer, Sioux Falls Therapist

Have you met any members of the Kimberly Keiser and Associates team?

Probably not, unless you are a friend, family member, or client of one of our therapists.

That’s why we’ve started an employee spotlight series here on our blog. We want you to get to know our team better, so you can feel more comfortable if you decide to pursue any of our counseling services in Sioux Falls.

We’ve already sat down with therapists Alla Jones and Jill Walerius. Today, we’re introducing you to Nicholas Breuer, MA, NCC, LPC-MH, QMHP. A Sioux Falls native and USD grad, Nick brings his breadth of knowledge in a variety of therapy models to our practice.

Meet Nick Breuer!


How long have you been with Kimberly Keiser and Associates, and what is your role?

I’ve been with Kimberly Keiser for just about a year.

Professionally, I’m licensed as a counselor of mental health. As far as my role at Kimberly Keiser, I’m a psychotherapist specializing in trauma recovery, couples therapy, and sexual health.

To help tackle these issues, I have knowledge in the areas of EMDR [Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing], IFS [Internal Family Systems], Gottman, and various other sex therapy models, including the “out of control sexual behavior” [OCSB] model.

That seems like a lot of specializations!

That’s the nice thing about working here — Kimberly pushes us to specialize in a lot of different areas. Because everyone here in the practice is trained in similar things, we can always bounce ideas off each other.

For me, I came in already trained in EMDR, so that’s the one I really enjoy working with. Treating trauma can be clinically challenging, so EMDR is an amazing tool to have when working through trauma. EMDR is something I want to continue to use here at Kimberly Keiser and Associates; it’s really meshed well with what we’re doing.

As I’ve been here, the Internal Family Systems [IFS] model has really stood out to me. It is a psychodynamic model that focuses on a person’s internal system as various parts, almost like a family — everyone in a family has different personalities that interact with each other differently. With IFS, it’s accessing and working with the family of parts inside yourself — for example, you may have an angry part, an inner critic, a shameful part, etc. IFS is used to treat trauma as well, so it works well with EMDR.

What did you do before coming here?

Before coming here, I worked with Lutheran Social Services. I was in a residential treatment facility that worked with troubled youth — so lots of trauma, addictions, anxiety, depression, and personality disorders going on with that. I got good training, learning to work with those patients.

I’m from Sioux Falls. I went to school in Vermillion for my undergraduate; I got a double major in addiction studies and psychology. I worked at the Children’s Home for a bit and then decided I wanted to go into counseling, so I went back to the USD program through the education department and got my graduate degree there.

How did you find out about Kimberly Keiser and Associates?

I was working at Summit Oaks (the treatment center) and was looking for something new; I was kind of in a rut. I saw the ad for Kimberly Keiser, checked out the website, and thought it looked really interesting. So, I decided to apply, then met Kim, which went really well.

You walk in the door at Kimberly Keiser and Associates, and there’s just kind of an energy here — like, Whoa, this is really nice — I’d love to be in this calm environment every day. From the get-go, I was having a physical reaction to being in the building!

Then I got a chance to meet the team, and we all hit it off really well. That just made it click even more; it felt like the right decision to move over here.

Describe an average day at work.

It’s pretty busy, seeing clients every day. We also do two trainings per week. So a typical week is full of trainings, seeing clients, preparing for clients, and doing research.

The space in between is great, too. Catching colleagues, bouncing ideas off them, just chatting and laughing with them is always really fun.

We see a huge variety of clients in any given day. It could be anything from basic depression and anxiety aspects all the way to complex PTSD or sexual issues.

How would you describe your team and culture?

It’s definitely different from other places I’ve been. It’s not just, Here’s your office; now get to work.

The closest word I could come up with would be “family,” because we really are super close and can lean on each other for different things that are going on, whether that’s rallying around someone to celebrate something or whether there are tough times. It’s really heartfelt.

Kimberly Keiser and Associates is honestly the most impactful professional environment I’ve ever been in. Because our connection does feel so much more than just professional; it’s emotional, too.

What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

The easy answer would be to say my master’s degree was a huge accomplishment — and it was — but I think there’s a big difference between receiving a master’s degree and putting it into practice.

I think what I’m most proud of professionally is that I’ve been able to take that education, put it to work, and really thrive in the profession. I think that would be my greatest accomplishment. And that would include a combination of all of those things — EMDR and everything else I’ve learned along the way to lead me to where I am now.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Being able to help clients gain insight. Whether or not it’s through one of the various interventions we’re using, it’s just nice to see them succeed.

It’s really empowering to work with a client for a year and be able to celebrate that growth together. That’s really what makes the job worth it.

What would you say to someone considering a counselor in Sioux Falls?

It can be a big deal to see a therapist, and it can be intimidating. I would say just give it shot! What’s the harm in trying something different?

What would you say to someone considering Kimberly Keiser and Associates specifically?

I think it’s more than the building, and it’s more than the individual therapists. The practice itself is really solid in providing training and supervision with all these different skills.

Kim is great about continuing to provide us with cutting-edge research and theories so we aren’t getting stagnant. I love knowing we’re constantly growing as therapists.

I would say the skills we have over here and our approach to therapy — I just don’t really see it anywhere else.

We may be biased, but we have to agree. That said, we want everyone to find the right counselor for them — even if it’s not someone on our team. We simply want you to find the support you need.

If you think you could connect with Nick or any of our other therapists, we would be happy to meet with you. Learn more about what it’s like to work with us, and explore our full range of Sioux Falls counseling services.

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